Packing For A Less Expensive Trip

Packing for an airline trip is much more of a challenge than it used to be because of ever tightening airline regulations. Carry-on luggage sizes are smaller, and extra luggage usually comes with a fee. For those of us who are trying to save money while traveling, devising a travel packing list for women can be a special challenge. How do you fit all of you clothes and accessories in one small bag? Here are some tips to keep your packing list to a cost-effective minimum.
Bring Only The Necessary Accessories
Keep toiletries, makeup and jewelry to a minimum. Hotels will usually provide the basics, or you can buy a few necessities when you get into town. Considering the amount of walking required in most airports, the extra weight and expense isn’t worth it anymore.
Color Coordinate The Clothing You Bring
You can minimize the amount of clothing you need by choosing tops, pants and skirts that coordinate in color. This will allow you to mix and match for any occasion. Select clothing for travel that will not wrinkle, and avoid delicate fabrics.
Bring a short supply of underwear for the trip, and hand wash it in the sink in mild detergent for additional use. Hang on the shower rod to dry. You can also choose a hotel located near a laundromat.
If you will be going on a long trip to visit relatives, consider boxing up and shipping some items ahead by mail. This can be less expensive than paying additional luggage fees.
Creating a packing list for today’s travel requires some advance planning. You should only bring what you absolutely need for the trip, and keep your luggage as lightweight as possible.